RV Furniture Guide

All You Need to Know About RV Furniture

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There are different types of RV furnitures to choose from. There is a RV furniture for the dining area, for the living room area, for the sleeping area and so on. If you choose the right RV furniture to fit your personality and style - the trip will be more enjoyable.

When choosing RV furniture, for designing both your exterior and interior, you need to know what each RV furniture is for and what your budget will be. If you want to save some money, just stick to the basics and you will be just fine.

Outdoor RV Furniture:

These should be durable, easy to clean and can be set up in a snap. Typical compact camping chairs are best for these as the fit this criteria - durable, easy to clean, easy to setup plus they are easily stored.

There are more fancy outdoor chairs like padded rockers and recliners. Even if they are not as small and compact as camping chairs they still fit the criteria and are relatively easy to store when you fold them. A "luxury feature" is that these are normally made of woven fabric and some are listed as "breathable" materials allowing airflow.

Aside from chairs, you will want to get a table as well. Picnic tables and tables used for card games fit the criteria above. These tables are great for having a picnic right outside your RV.

Chairs and tables are essentially what you need for when it comes to outdoor RV furniture

Indoor RV Furniture:

The first thing you should know is the dimensions of your interior. After that, you should decide what type of ambiance or feel you want to have. You also want to decide if you want your RV furniture bolted on the floor or not (like the table). You have to make sure that the captains chair you pick is comfortble for him/her. These are normally available with swivel features so that you can take advantage of the spac

A great RV furniture space saver is a soffa or pullout bed. These can be customed made in RV furnitre outlets as well. You have a wide array of designs and fabrics to choose from. Sofa sleepers is a very popular RV furniture for those who are active taking family trips.

The beds are usually optional. If you choose to get one, you should consider comfort as much as the size of the bed. Have the mindset that you are going to want to have a good nights rest there. RV furniture should make your RV a home away from home and it should feel that way.

Tables should be sturdy. Some people wish to bolt the tables to the floor or the wall. You can also have a fold out table if you wish to get more space.

Getting RV furniture is fun if you stick to the basics and use a little creativity. Look for the different options and know the dimensions of your RV space. You will find that traveling with the right RV furniture will make your travel very relaxing and stress free.

The color is to say a lot about your personal style, without saying a word.

And while color is very personal, direct connection with memories and emotions, it is also universal, and can produce moods, feelings and sensations that almost everyone recognizes.

Each color belongs to one of three different types. When you look at a color, try to decide which one it is, that it affects mood color vehicle.
Pure colors are bright, high or chrominance.

Silence Colors are lower intensity than the pure color.

Shaded colours have even more color intensity that Silence colors.
Pure Red is a declaration of color very personal and dramatic, dynamic and stimulating. However, the Silence and shaded shades of red are soft, comfortable, intimate and personal, with just a touch of passion and romance.

Combining the drama of red with the gaiety of yellow, orange light is pure, clear, bright and bold. The Silence of light and shade tones offers a subtle sparkle, but it is based, land, natural and soothing.
The closest to sunlight, pure yellow vehicle hospitality and the promotion of deep feelings of well-being. The Silence of hues make quiet horizons for busy lives, while the shaded yellow are soft and bright presence that speaks of the house, harvest and abundance.

The more neutral color in the spectrum, Pure Green is strongly associated with nature. Silence Greens are quiet, relaxing and soothing, while the shaded variations project confidence and order, encouraging contemplation, serenity and rest.

Evoking the emotions of sea and sky, pure blue is soothing, large and cool. Appearing increasingly, it raises the ceilings and walls regrowth. The Silence of hues recall summer sky, mountain lakes blue and green-blue ocean depths, while the Blues emerged worthy shaded comfort and ease.

Pure Purple has the clarity of blue and red heat. The depth of color convey the grandeur and luxury, while lighter shades are elusive and intriguing. Silence violets are spacious and peaceful, and the shaded purple are flexible, shade and undeniably romantic.
Red-toned neutral range from a breath of a deep beige, russet brown, and are comfortable and traditional.

Hue yellow neutral extend a subtle creams deep golden brown, and are cool and quietly building

Blue-neutral tones provide a sense of calm, understated elegance.


Mellow mixtures of bright colors tempered by white, pastels are diplomats of decoration. The harmonization and both light and dark shades, they provide color balance on both ends of the spectrum.

Pastel walls can return to the colours of eminent accessories, helping them to blend in without competing with them, as deeper, bolder colors tend to be done.

They can make rooms decorated with furniture formal feel more welcoming, gently boost the furniture neutral and discreet glue to a success, eclectic look.

Pastel plans are an excellent choice if you need to link together a variety of textures and patterns and colors.

They bring to mind the nuances of nature, and thus work particularly well with furniture which also speak of nature - flowered fabrics, wicker chairs, sea and natural carpet of grass.

In the green tones, pastels can help you connect inside the garden, helping the eyes to flow without interruption from inside to outside.

Pastels lend a friendly atmosphere and watching almost anything they touch, simply because they offer some of the characteristics of bright colors, without insisting on their impact.

On the day, they leave without color. At night, they tend to look pale and weak.

A system keeps rooms cool pastel-searching, but never cold, fosters a sense of tranquillity, and its lightness, can be used to develop a sense of space.

You can use pastels very effectively to highlight subtle architectural elements, such as doors and window trim and wall panels. They can also be used to hide things like pipes and radiators.

While pale pastels can be more bold or very easily, pastel regimes tend to look better if all colors have the same tonal

Based, comforting and relaxing, pastel systems are easy to implement, easy on the eye and a pleasure to live.


Whatever your individual tastes in decor, the mood for your rv furniture should be harmonious.

The basis of your rv furniture color system around colors, textures and nuances that you feel calm and secure.

Before picking the color them of your motorhome and your RV furniture you might want to know first the how color can affect your emotional states.

Dr. Max Luscher, a Swiss professor of psychology and the inventor of the Luscher Color Test, originated the thought with his explanation of how color affected the earliest human beings - light and dark, day and night. Day brings bright, warm colors, safety with action, and an increase in metabolic rate. Night brings cool, dark hues, with rest, danger, inaction and slowing down.

We are genetically predisposed to follow these states from out early ancestors

Further research in the late 1950s showed that both psychological and physical activity seem to increase as the wavelength of the light increases. So the brighter the light, the more active humans are.

There was an experiment later done with prisoners. Random prisoners were either assigned to red, or yellow, or blue, or green cells. Prisoners in the blue and green cells showed to be less prone to aggressive behaviour.

It also has been shown thru medical studies that blood pressure, pulse, and respiration rates tend to increase most under yellow light, moderately under orange, and less under red. They decrease most under black, moderately under blue, and minimally under green.

With this in mind, you want to be careful when picking the colors of your RV furniture. Below is a guide outlining what colors bring what moods they bring about.

Associated with:

Physical effects:
Stimulates brain activity, increases heart rate, respiration and blood pressure, gives energy and self-confidence.

Associated with:

Physical effects:
Energizes, stimulates the appetite and digestive system, removes inhibitions, and fosters sociability.

Associated with:

Physical effects:
Energizes, relieves depression, improves memory, increases awareness, perception and understanding. Also stimulates the appetite.

Associated with:

Physical effects:
Soothing, relaxing mentally as well as physically, helps alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety, offers a sense of renewal, self-control and harmony.

Associated with:

Physical effects:
Calming, lowers blood pressure and decreases respiration. Ideal for sleep and over-active children. Enhances communication and decision-making

Associated with:

Physical effects:
Strengthens intuition and imagination, increases dream activity. Helps connect us to our unconscious mind.

Associated with:

Physical effects:
Suppresses appetite, provides a peaceful environment, relieves tension, and is good for migraines. Promotes inner strength, wisdom, kindness, artistic talent and creativity.

Just remember, when picking the color theme for your RV furniture, know what you want to feel during your stay there.

When looking for RV furniture, one should take into consideration the ancient practice of feng shui. It is believed that feng shui makes use of the laws of heaven and earth to help you receive positive chi and achieve your goals. In layman’s terms, it is the art of arranging objects (like furniture) with the purpose of allowing a flow of fortunate energy to move about fluidly around your house, home, room, kitchen or RV.

Whether you believe it or not, it wouldn’t hurt to follow some of the basic guidelines of fung shui when arranging your RV furniture.

- Remove or pickup the clutter. As time consuming as clearing up your clutter can be, when your done, it will feel as if you have gotten a great load off your shoulder. This is a very important step in the practice of fung shui.

- Put your seats at right angles to each other whether be it at the dining area or living room area

- Arrange your bed and your coaches in a way that you can naturally see people coming in and out.

- Have good lighting and a good flow of air around the RV. Make sure to open the windows often to allow natural light and air to flow.

- It is advised that you should not have a television set in your bedroom. If its hard for you to break that habit, you can cover your TV with a plastic (not cloth) table cover.

- There should be no mirrors in front or beside the bed.

- In the kitchen, the stove should not be across the refrigerator or the sink.

- Your bed should be placed connected to a solid wall.

- Do not use red as your motif for the living room or couch set. The color red is not “suitable” for this area.

- If you have a pet turtle. Do not bring him along. Turtles supposedly slow down the flow of income (in the house, it should be placed outside).

- When parking your RV, if you can position it such a way that your bed is facing the sun when it rises. Avoid parking near electrical poles as the resulting electric and/or magnetic fields can disrupt your sleep.

These are just some of the basic concepts that you can apply when you are arranging your RV furniture. There are also advanced concepts which you can research about which involves proper placements of certain objects and colors in certain areas. If you are seriously considering to apply feng shui practices to your RV, you might want to research about the star charts and proper placements before you go about getting your RV furniture.

Welcome to RV Furniture Guide. This site provides tips and resources for people who want to know all about RV Furniture - styles, desgns, etc. If you have questions not covered in RV Furniture Guide please feel free to let us know.