RV Furniture Guide

All You Need to Know About RV Furniture

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When looking for RV furniture, one should take into consideration the ancient practice of feng shui. It is believed that feng shui makes use of the laws of heaven and earth to help you receive positive chi and achieve your goals. In layman’s terms, it is the art of arranging objects (like furniture) with the purpose of allowing a flow of fortunate energy to move about fluidly around your house, home, room, kitchen or RV.

Whether you believe it or not, it wouldn’t hurt to follow some of the basic guidelines of fung shui when arranging your RV furniture.

- Remove or pickup the clutter. As time consuming as clearing up your clutter can be, when your done, it will feel as if you have gotten a great load off your shoulder. This is a very important step in the practice of fung shui.

- Put your seats at right angles to each other whether be it at the dining area or living room area

- Arrange your bed and your coaches in a way that you can naturally see people coming in and out.

- Have good lighting and a good flow of air around the RV. Make sure to open the windows often to allow natural light and air to flow.

- It is advised that you should not have a television set in your bedroom. If its hard for you to break that habit, you can cover your TV with a plastic (not cloth) table cover.

- There should be no mirrors in front or beside the bed.

- In the kitchen, the stove should not be across the refrigerator or the sink.

- Your bed should be placed connected to a solid wall.

- Do not use red as your motif for the living room or couch set. The color red is not “suitable” for this area.

- If you have a pet turtle. Do not bring him along. Turtles supposedly slow down the flow of income (in the house, it should be placed outside).

- When parking your RV, if you can position it such a way that your bed is facing the sun when it rises. Avoid parking near electrical poles as the resulting electric and/or magnetic fields can disrupt your sleep.

These are just some of the basic concepts that you can apply when you are arranging your RV furniture. There are also advanced concepts which you can research about which involves proper placements of certain objects and colors in certain areas. If you are seriously considering to apply feng shui practices to your RV, you might want to research about the star charts and proper placements before you go about getting your RV furniture.